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Coochiemudlo access mats - JWA Oilfield Supplies

Project Outline

A new boat ramp is being constucted at Coochiemudlo Island and as a part of the refurbishment process, temporary access for the public is required. JWA Oil supplied the temporary access mats for construction access and public access to the island whilst the new boat ramp was being built.

Scope of Work

The team at Rapax® Construction Photography was commissioned to take photographs throughout the day and night to show the interaction of the public with the plastic access mats. In addition, photography of the plastic mats under foot traffic and heavy vehicular loading was required.


High resolution photography inclusive of ground and aerial footage for marketing, social media and web site development

Still Photography

A lovely aerial photo of Coochiemudlo Island, on Moreton Bay, using drones from Rapax Construction Photography Coochiemudlo island is near Brisbane in Moreton Bay, and using drones from Rapax Construction Photography, we were able to capture this beautiful view of the new boat ramp.A temporary boat ramp using Durabase mats supplied by JWA Oil at Coochiemudlo Boat Ramp, captured nicely by Rapax Construction PhotographyRapax Construction Photography captured this great image of people walking up the temporary boat ramp constructed from Durabase matting supplied by JWA Oil.Durabase matting is solid and suitable for very heavy loads, as shown by Rapax Construction Photography in this image of the truck traversing the mats on the beach


Coochiemudlo access mats - JWA Oilfield Supplies

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