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RaPAX® Construction Photography was established in early 2014 to provide the construction industry with a professional photographic company that understands construction and the dangers of working on a busy work site, in conjunction with a thorough understanding of photography. The team at RaPAX® includes videographers, photographers, and editors, with a thorough understanding of the etiquette for filming on a modern construction site.

RaPAX® is managed by Michael Wells, who not only has an Engineering degree, but also has over 30 years’ experience in construction related photography.

A distinguishing feature of our photographers, is that they actually know what is happening on the works site; they understand the sequence of the work, the danger areas, and the jargon/terminology to ensure clear communication of the project requirements and deliverable. 

Whether it be a major infrastructure site, or a small commercial development, RaPAX® has the knowledge, skill set, people, equipment, documentation, and technology to provide unique footage. Samples of our unique footage can be viewed in the accompanying Gallery.

Our services include:

  • Time lapse cameras, from several hours to several years.
  • Ground and aerial photography
  • CASA licensed drone operation
  • 40 feet carbon fibre pole cams
  • Underwater camera solutions
  • SWMS and other risk controlling documentation ensuring safety in all steps of the process
  • Public Liability insurance to $20m
  • PPE applicable for todays construction industry

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    JWA Oilfield Supplies

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    List of Recent Projects

    Click the project  below to access more information and view photos and videos from the project; and yes we do Time Lapse Photography with cameras operating as far south as Victoria and more locally here in Queensland.

    Video Reels

    Some shots cannot be achieved without aerial equipment. These viedo reels show some of the shots capable with our technologies.

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    Operation of photographic equipment and RPAs (Drones) on construction sites requires competence and understanding of both construction site safety, aviation, and photography protocols. RaPAX® is well placed to meet these fundamental safety requirements by virtue that each of its operators has extensive construction industry experience and has a comprehensive understanding of construction etiquette in conjunction with photography fundamentals.

    Aviation Safety

    RaPAX® has been operating drones commercially for over 4 years.The drone operations are only a part of our operation nonetheless the safe operation of the drones is paramount. The systems, processes and controls of our drone operations have been stringently reviewed, observed and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CASA). RaPAX® is CASA “certified for operation”.

    All of our pilots are trained on the equipment we use. Each pilot is not only endorsed by the manufacturer of the UAV but has also been approved by CASA and issued with a “certificate for control”. Each of our pilots is regularly reviewed for competency using our CASA approved in-house assessor.

    As per the CASA requirements the following restrictions must be considered prior to any flight

    • Do not flywithin 5.5km (3n.m) from an aerodrome or helicopter landing site, without CASA approval
      (CASR 1998;101.075)
    • Do not fly beyond line of sight, i.e daytime flying in good weather. (CASR 1998; 101.095)
    • Do not fly above 400 feet above ground level, without CASA approval (CASR 1998; 101.085)
    • Do not fly within 30m of the public, cars, boats or buildings etc (CASR 1998; 101.245)
    • Do not fly above populous areas, such as roads, houses, parks, sporting events, (CASR 1998; 101.250 and CASR 101.025)

    Construction Site Safety

    The crew at RaPAX®  have been active in the construction and photographic industries for many years and many since the late 1980's. Our Managing Director has 30years years photographing and working on major infrastructure projects both here in Queensland and on the international stage.

    As a result of this background RaPAX® has in place a strong safety culture, with work method statements, oh&s policies and operational guidelines. Whilst working on the construction sites, our attention to safety is of utmost importance, with relevant PPE, safety equipment, documentation and most importantly clear concise communication.

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