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Koolan Island - Keller

Project Outline

Located in the remote Buccaneer Archipelago off the NW Coast of WA is a major remediation project for the existing Koolan Island mine site. The remediation work included the reconstruction and sealing of a large break wall that separates an existing open cut mine from the ocean.

Scope of Work

The team at Rapax® Construction Photography were commissioned due to their extensive knowledge of the requirements for working on large construction sites. Videography and photography, including time lapse cameras, ground and aerial imagery detailing the construction process, harsh environment and technically difficult work


Time lapse photography, video with extensive edits, inclusive of ground and aerial footage.

Still Photography

Drones operated by one of our professional construction photographers provided the ability to capture this great image of the construction site at Koolan IslandDrones in construction allowed our construction photographers to get this lovely sunset of the cosntruction site.Prestart Meeting captured by one of our professional construction photographers employed by Rapax Construction PhotographyDrones owned and operated by Rapax Construction Photography captured this lovely aerial photo of Koolan island surrounded by blue turquoise waterThis green aqua ocean surrounding Koolan Island in WA, was photographed using drones supplied by Rapax Construction PhotogrpahyThis image was part of a time lapse or rather hyper lapse video that Rapax Construction Photography created